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Hello there. This is my first blog post on this website, so please bear with me if there are any technical issues for the first little bit.

Last Monday I had the opportunity to photography this sweet little man. He was wide awake the entire time, and just did not want to be wrapped up. Mom said it was like he just wanted to get up and walk. I usually find that with babies with older sibiling that is the case, it's like they do not want to miss a thing and keep up with everyone.

On Thursday morning I also shot a Family session with the Clarke family. It was such a beautiful autumn morning in the park, something we haven't had many of lately. Grandpa and Grandma were visiting, and helped me with getting Brielle to smile. It's hard for little ones to just start smiling a stranger right after meeting, so I was grateful to have them there to help. Of course by the end of the session she had warmed up to me and we were even giving each other high fives.

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